About Us





GECIVAL SLSE formed as a result of the initiative of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of civil engineering construction and engineering firms as part of national prestige.
Since its creation, it has focused its activities on diversification of its clients and collaboration with universities, laboratories and technological facilities that allow us to develop training activities, research and development and innovation.
Our business focuses mainly in the field of the Valencian community, although develop work within the national territory, with the various central, state, local governments and private sector
Committed from the outset to quality and continuous improvement of the activities developed by the company, implementing systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, quality assurance and environmental friendliness.
Participation in national and international research programs as well as its development and implementation is still a crucial goal of the company in recent years as part of various consortia with large companies.
We want to continue making progress in implementing the latest technologies, transferring it to our customers and contributing to the creation of a more developed and respectful society.
Young has a highly qualified team, together with the experience, dedication and enthusiasm with which the works are undertaken, allow full adaptation to the needs of our customers.

The human resources policy focuses on continuous training of the people who compose it, actively participating in training programs in universities, professional associations and specialized companies, with the aim of continuous improvement and quality assurance of our work.

GECIVAL S.L. She collaborates with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in the formation of new professionals through educational cooperation agreements for the execution of works and projects in educational practices.

Our Marks of Identity


We cover multiple disciplines

Our versatility allows us to develop projects related to: Planning, Infrastructure, Water Supply, Sanitation, Water Treatment, Environmental, I + D + i, etc.


Participation in Research Programs

Participation in national and international research programs as well as its development and implementation is still a crucial objective of the company in recent years


International Presence

Our policy of internalization and our experience has allowed us to develop our business in other countries like Colombia, Peru, Panama and Morocco