International Expansion


Internationalization Strategy

The consolidation of GECIVAL S.L., together with the evolution and progressive globalisation of the market, is pushing the development of an internationalization strategy that seeks to export our acquired experience and know-how. We consider it could be an important source of value creation in locations with difficult access to safe drinking water, singular orographies, extreme constraints, etc., carrying out the social work of which we feel participants.

This work is based on the implementation of several projects and the opening of local offices in these countries with the idea of centralizing and maintaining a direct collaborative relationship between the parties involved in the work as close as possible to the work environment. This will invigorate and optimize the decision making processes considering the social and political context surrounding each case.

Another fundamental aim of GECIVAL S.L. is geographical diversification opportunities through development cooperation funds and/or international institutions with bilateral and multilateral funding. The active focus on strategic partnerships is also vital, both with Spanish and with international companies seeking complementarities and joining forces in these markets.

We strongly believe that the pro-active internationalisation complemented by our national activity will reinforce our growth, will increase our competitiveness and will support the company's long-term viability.

Business Model


Expansion in Latin America

We have offices and branches in different countries in which we intend to export the experience and know-how acquired and perfected over the years


International Relations

Geographical diversification opportunities through Cooperation and Development Funds and / or international institutions with bilateral and multilateral funding


Keep Growing

We firmly believe that proactive internationalization, complemented by our national activity, strengthen our growth