Landscape and Environment


Landscape and Environment

Planning and design of urban and rural landscapes based on the natural features and the historical & cultural values of the place. For this purpose we use appropriate techniques and materials guided by aesthetic, functional, scientific and planning principles. Currently, within the different areas covered by the landscaping, GECIVAL offers the following services:

Landscaping Integration studies.
Landscaping and Public landscaped spaces design. Design and implementation of projects related to outdoor spaces, both urban and natural.


GECIVAL is ready to satisfy the requirements and needs of companies and private individuals to integrate the environment in their actions and projects. In the field of environment we practise the comprehensive ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANCY:
Environmental Impact Studies.
Acoustic Studies.
Hydrological Technical Studies and Flood Potential Studies.
Environmental Sustainability Reports (ESR).
Integrated Environmental Authorisations.
Environmental Monitoring/Surveillance Plans.
Environmental cartography GIS.
Land use management.
Energy Efficiency Studies.
Archaeological Studies.
Environmental Reports.