Mobility and Transport


Mobility and Transport

GECIVAL has a professional team specialised in Mobility and Transport with ability and experience to develop projects and studies in both urban and interurban environments.

Gecival makes regional and area studies of demand classifying them into way of movement and road capacities studies.

In addition Gecival makes Sustainable Urban, as well as interurban, Mobility Plans (SUMP) completing them with the whole studies of:

Roads design for all kind of uses: vehicles, public transport lines (BUS, tram), bicycles, pedestrians (sidewalk, car-free zones), tolls, etc.
Parking lots design: management and control systems.
Static horizontal and vertical road signs and indications design.
Variable signage design: traffic light signaling, variable message panels (informative, available parking options, etc.), dedicated corridors (reversible lanes, high-occupancy lanes).
Monitoring and control systems design (CCTV), mobility parameters measurements (vehicle intensity, speed, occupancy, incidents, etc.). Parameters recognition systems by means of artificial vision.
Public transport preference systems.
Public transport operating assistance systems, information systems for the users.
Technical and economic design for traffic offence management.
Tunnel control systems design (both urban and interurban).
Mobility Control Center (MCC) design: Urban, Interurban, Tunnels, Public Transport (bus, tram, subway) and their interconnection.
MCC management and operating systems.
Implementation of mobility optimization processes via simulator.
Emergency Plans creation and implementation.
Public transport dedicated corridors management.
Completion of Mobility Audits.