tren2We continue expanding and diversifying our products and services based in a wide range of works with professional staff specialized in diverse disciplines and occasional external collaborators. In each work area, we consider the latest technology knowledge and we are committed with the on-going innovation.

The team of GECIVAL S.L. he is able to make and manage any work within the process of project-construction, construction management, monitoring, control, previous reports, studies, etc.

Our operating areas are:

  • Town Planning.
  • Infrastructures and Public Facilities (underground parking garages, urbanization, parks and gardens, etc.)
  • Water Supply, Drainage, Water Cleansing Treatments and Water Reutilization.
  • Environment.
  • R&D&i.
  • Land Transport Infrastructures.
  • Industrial Engineering. Electric Facilities Processing and Management.
  • Architecture.
  • Other engineering complementary services (Coordination of Health and Safety, Structures Analysis and Calculation, Technical Reports, Advice to Construction Companies, etc.).

The multidisciplinary team of GECIVAL S.L. is able to carry out and manage any work within the Design and Construction process, like Construction Managements, Monitoring and Control, Technical Reports and Studies, etc.